Surilana Maximilian is a highly awarded dark fawn male.  His dense, lustrous and fine locks are awesome and something we would hope he passes on to his progeny.  Something special for those who are considering colouring their herd.

Tickenhall Niclas Tickenhall Niclas

Niclas is a beautiful medium-brown son of Surilana Madolo.  He exhibits a very fine and lustrous fleece and a wonderful temperament.  His many awards in the show ring and the fleece table reflect his status in our herd.

Surilana Geraldton

Geraldton's job was to put density and independent locking, as well as a bit of colour, into our herd.  This male has been extremely successful in the show ring and has taken out Championships and Supremes.  He has a great nature and we are looking forward to see what he can do!

Tickenhall Owynn ET (IAR 114535)

Tickenhall Owynn Tickenhall Owynn

Tickenhall Owynn ET is a multi-Supreme winning son of Kurrawa Akira. Owynn is a solid white suri with a highly lustrous and dense fleece, still showing great pencils at 6 years of age.  He has a beautiful demeanour and is a strong, upstanding male.


Tickenhall Sion (IAR 129934)

Tickenhall Sion Tickenhall Sion

Sion is a son of Cedar House Sensational and our beautiful Pucara Andante.  He has won several broad ribbons during his time in the show ring and maintains a real presence to date.  He is producing some stunning cria with lustrous, dense locks.

All Tickenhall 'boys' are gentle and friendly.  We can provide mobile matings or arrange drive-through matings on our property.

Matings with all Tickenhall sires come with a live cria guarantee.  This means that, if the pregnancy does not hold or the cria does not survive, and all due diligence has occurred, then a re-mate to the same, or equivalent, sire will be available at no cost to the owner of the dam.

Tickenhall Gwylym

Well-mannered boy with vicuna-like markings.